Network for Eccentric Educators

A unique teacher program that provides resources and support to educators who want to stand out.

Connect with like-minded educators to explore how they’re solving education’s most pressing challenges. Choose the ideas you love and use them to transform your professional learning and your pedagogical practice.

Weirdos of the World, Unite!

All true innovation begins as eccentricity. It’s true across the world — especially in education. That’s why we’re calling together all the creative, kooky, and contra-conventional educators to learn from each other and to challenge the status quo of teaching.

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is coming soon.

Powerful PD for Innovative Educators

It can be lonely outside of the box — that’s why networking with other envelope-pushers can be such a powerful and affirming experience for eccentric educators. Led by the ridiculously brilliant team at the Van Andel Institute for K-12 Education, the Network for Eccentric Educators provides support and encouragement in addition to great new ideas.

Every registration includes:

Online meetings

These one-hour online meetings offer an opportunity for this inclusive community of eccentric teachers to learn with and from one another. We’ll focus on big issues in education — the kind of ideas where innovative thinkers are most needed!

2024-2025 schedule is coming soon:

  • Artificial Intelligence (1 SCECH)
  • Responsible Risk-Taking (1 SCECH)
  • Gamification  (1 SCECH) – View Sample Agenda
  • Authentic Learning (1 SCECH)
  • Collaboration (1 SCECH)

Monthly curated resources

VAI’s Network of Eccentric Educators curates practical resources from each meeting and offers advice for how the resources can transform practice and elevate instructional effectiveness.

Ongoing coaching and mentorship

Between sessions, teachers will have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with a knowledgeable and experienced educator, who can answer their questions and share ideas about the specific challenges they are encountering.

Built-in accountability

Each session will include an action plan for teachers to make targeted decisions on how to put the newly-learned content to use right away.

Our Approach

Teachers need a network of like-minded educators who are willing to think differently about the big topics facing our discipline. VAI’s Network of Eccentric Educators creates an inclusive community that:

  • Tackles hot topics in education and provides practical strategies to address them in creative and innovative ways.
  • Provides resources to encourage new teachers’ professional growth and support their work in the classroom.
  • Acknowledges the challenges that teachers face and seeks out solutions to address these both positively and professionally.
  • Creates a safe place for teachers to share their experiences in a supportive environment.
  • Offers individualized support with expert coaches that can address teachers’ specific classroom challenges.
  • Connects teachers from across schools and districts, so that they can share best practices and learn from one another.
  • Fosters their passion so they can do what they set out to do in the most effective way — TEACH!

Register Your Teachers!

Are you ready to reimagine education through innovative teaching?

To keep the communal feeling, space is limited to 40 participants. VAI’s Network for Eccentric Educators is valued at $300/teacher, but we’re offering it FREE this school year in exchange for feedback on the program.


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