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  • Van Andel Institute
Your Life’s Work. Here. Now.

Whether your calling is researching complex diseases, teaching the next generation of scientists, or managing the day-to-day operation of our world class facilities, Van Andel Institute provides an opportunity to align your passions and skills with a career you love. Join our team and make the world better, one discovery at a time.

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Our Mission

Whether you are a researcher, an educator, a manager or an administrative professional, you could help Van Andel Institute improve the health and enhance the lives of generations to come through disease research and science education. Be a part of the day-to-day victories and the long-term successes. Fight diseases, inspire the scientists of tomorrow, and impact lives.

Our People

Experience a diverse and collaborative environment, where open spaces foster dialogue and staff from almost 20 countries work together. Meet people from diverse cultural, educational, and employment backgrounds. Learn a new perspective while sharing your own.

Our Environment

Cascading glass bathes offices and labs in sunlight. Open spaces encourage collaboration. Downtown restaurants provide countless lunch options, unless you’d like to picnic in the park or eat on our balcony. The view won’t disappoint.