A guiding light of hope.


Jay and Betty Van Andel founded Van Andel Institute in 1996. Their vision was to build an independent institute that would embrace novel approaches to biomedical research and science education, and develop a network of collaborations with organizations stretching from West Michigan to every corner of the world. The Van Andel family believed the Institute could serve as a guiding light of hope and bring about scientific discoveries that would benefit future generations.

Since its founding, VAI has supported Van Andel Institute for Research, Van Andel Institute Graduate School and Van Andel Institute for Education in fulfilling and sustaining this vision. David Van Andel leads the Institute as Chairman and CEO, continuing the legacy that his parents created.

The Van Andel Family Legacy

Through the founding of Van Andel Institute, Jay and Betty Van Andel have left a legacy that impacts the lives of current and future generations. VAI is a reflection of their generosity and deep care for humankind.

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Tribute to Betty Van Andel

Betty Van Andel was a former teacher and lifelong advocate for children. Van Andel Institute for Education was founded on her belief in the importance of K–12 science education and honors Betty’s memory and passion for education.

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David Van Andel

David Van Andel is Chairman and CEO of Van Andel Institute. A long-time entrepreneur in the natural and life science products industry, Van Andel has a propensity for embodying the hope and innovation that drives VAI’s mission to improve lives and enhance health. He is an active presence in VAI’s philanthropic endeavors alongside his wife, Carol Van Andel, executive director of the David and Carol Van Andel Family Foundation.

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Our Impact

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  • 121 peer-reviewed papers published in 2023
  • 62 peer-reviewed papers published in high-impact journals in 2023
  • 55 clinical trials launched to date
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