Leadership and Staff


Dr. Peter Jones, Van Andel Institute

Peter A. Jones, Ph.D., D.Sc. (hon)

President, Van Andel Institute Graduate School; Chief Scientific Officer

Epigenetic Therapies

Eric C. Swindell, Ph.D.

Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Van Andel Institute Graduate School

Sarah Bodbyl, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Van Andel Institute Graduate School

Carrie Graveel, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Research Experience, Van Andel Institute Graduate School; Senior Research Scientist, Department of Cell Biology

MET signaling, RTK signaling in breast cancer progression and therapeutic resistance, mouse models, targeted therapeutic approaches to breast cancer


Alli Roman, MSW

Director of Student Support Services

Taylor Boyd, M.Ed.

Director of Assessment and Professional Development

Christy Mayo, MAOM, M.Ed.

Director of Enrollment and Records

Susanne Miller-Schachinger, BBA

Executive Assistant

Taijah Claybrook, M.Ed.

Senior Administrative Assistant I

Michelle Love, MA.Ed.

Senior Administrative Assistant I