Coming together to take diseases apart.

How do you arrive at revolutionary treatments and breakthroughs? By unleashing a global coalition of brilliant scientific minds, fostering a collaborative process — and doing a world of good.


Every day, we collaborate at the forefront of fundamental and translational science in pursuit of groundbreaking treatment strategies for cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases. Through shared values and an entrepreneurial spirit, we spark innovation to multiply the impact of discovery and answer critical questions about our world.

Our Research Departments

Cell Biology

Scientists in our Department of Cell Biology pursue fundamental research to understand how our cells grow, communicate, survive, assemble into tissues and organs, respond to the environment, and change with age.

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Scientists in our Department of Epigenetics seek to understand how epigenetic changes may either protect us from or predispose us to complex diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and metabolic disorders.

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Metabolism and Nutritional Programming

Scientists in our Department of Metabolism and Nutritional Programming explore the intricate mechanics of cellular metabolism and their implications for health and in disease.

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Neurodegenerative Science

By leveraging discoveries made in VAI’s labs and collaborating with researchers around the world, scientists in our Department of Neurodegenerative Science are working to translate breakthroughs into life-changing new treatments for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and related dementias, and depression.

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Structural Biology

Scientists in our Department of Structural Biology harness cryo-electron microscopy and other state-of-the-art techniques to visualize molecules that may serve as treatment targets for cancer, neurological disorders, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and more.

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Faculty Directory

Meet Our Scientists

Meet Van Andel Institute’s world-class investigators, learn about their research and check out their latest findings.

Catalytic Collaborations


Van Andel Institute's commitment to collaboration in the U.S. and abroad creates and fuels partnerships to improve human health.

Shared Scientific Resources

Core Technologies and Services

Van Andel Institute’s Core Technologies and Services offer a comprehensive range of advanced technologies and expertise to support and enhance research at the Institute and collaborating organizations.

Core Technologies

Business Development and Technology Transfer

Technology and Tools

Business Development and Technology Transfer supports the Institute’s mission by promoting the use of our research results and discoveries for public benefit. We remove barriers to the exchange of information and research materials so that ideas can rapidly be tested in the laboratory and translated to the clinic.

Our Impact

We're raising thousands to save millions

We’re turning hope into action for the millions of people around the world affected by diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. Find out how you can help us make a difference.

  • 118 papers published in 2022
  • 48 papers in high-impact journals in 2022
  • 42 clinical trials launched
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