Project Based Summer School

Summer School is more important than ever if we want to fill instructional gaps and accelerate learning before the 2023-24 school year begins. It’s a critical job, yet the teaching staff available for Summer School is likely burned out or completely untrained. We want to help!

Why PBL for Summer School?

Project-Based Learning provides an authentic context for learning, motivating students and teachers alike, and allowing teachers to tackle more content standards in a shorter amount of time. Project-based learning units ensure students experience:

  • Sustained Inquiry
  • Intrinsic Engagement
  • Thoughtful Collaboration
  • Real-World Application
  • Iterative Thinking
  • Cross-Curricular Connections
  • Authentic Audiences
  • Student Choice

How We Can Help

We know Summer School teachers don’t have the time or bandwidth to create robust PBL units and match them to core content curriculum. That’s where we come in. With just a few collaborative planning sessions in the Spring, we can:

  • Select projects that your summer school students will find engaging and meaningful.
  • Align identified instructional gaps and/or standards to projects.
  • Save your teachers time by customizing projects and preparing them to meet your specific summer school needs!

Consultation and Customization

Support teachers in planning for and delivering effective summer school instruction. Through virtual planning sessions, we can collaboratively customize projects to meet the grade level, scheduling, and content needs of their unique programs, so they can spend less time planning and more time doing what they do best — teaching!


Consultation Sessions to select projects that best meet your instructional needs. (2-3 hours)


Collaborative Planning Sessions to customize projects and prepare teachers. (6-12 hours)

Explore Projects

Select from 10 fully developed projects all designed to engage students in making the world a better place (without skimping on academic rigor). Each project comes with complete lesson plans and supplies and can complement any existing content curriculum to provide a meaningful real-world context for content-area learning.

Sample 8-Week Summer School Plan*

*This is an example of a Summer School project and content alignment plan. Actual projects and content are selected based on each school’s instructional needs and existing curriculum.

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