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Are you looking for an event that will wow your students or your community?

Curiosity on Wheels takes inquiry-based science to new heights as participants think — and act — like scientists by conducting hands-on, fun-filled STEM investigations. Whether it be addressing science standards, enhancing thematic units, or just having fun…we can program and deliver an event to meet your content, time, and budgetary needs.

Curiosity on Wheels Events include:

  • Customized Content
  • Staffing and Supplies
  • Marketing Support
  • Unparalleled Passion for Science!
  • Also Available: SNACKS!
See our Curiosity on Wheels program in action.

Pick a theme…any theme!

Each station can be customized to fit a theme to make for a more memorable experience. Here are just a few possible themes and station ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Disaster Detectives

  • Seismic Shake Up
  • Rockin’ Rockets
  • Blow the House Down
  • Earth Impact
  • Robots to the Rescue
  • Animals Among Us

Fairy Tales Gone STEM

  • Robots to the Rescue
  • Blow the House Down
  • Naked Egg Drop
  • Engineer a Bridge
  • Rockin’ Rockets
  • Animals Among Us

Mystery Night

  • DNA Extraction
  • A Shocking Experience
  • Maglev Racers
  • Air Force Fun
  • Uncovering the Past
  • Animals Among Us

You’re wondering about the cost, aren’t you?

Customized doesn’t mean costly. These events can be as small or as large as you want them, so we’ll work with you to create an experience to remember at a reasonable price. Events usually cost between $2,000–$8,000 depending on variables such as duration, number of stations, number of staff, number of participants, food preferences, etc.

These events really are customized experiences. Chances are, we have a program that will meet your budgetary constraints. Plus, we’re a non-profit. If you can’t afford it, we might be able to help! So, pop us an email or give us a call.

Want to learn more or schedule a Curiosity on Wheels?

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Curiosity on Wheels Sample Station Descriptions

This is not the full list; there’s plenty more where this came from!

Seismic Shake Up!

You have moved to an area that occasionally has dangerous earthquakes and you want to keep your family safe. Design your own home and test its ability to withstand a severe shake!

Animals Among Us

Try your hand at identifying a mysterious animal by touch. Then meet and greet some of our favorite friends including Cleopatra the bearded dragon, Garrus the snake, a family of hissing cockroaches, and many more! Observe some of their curious characteristics and learn how their traits help them survive.

A Shocking Experience!

Have you been shocked while moving around your house? Have you wondered what a bolt of lightning is? Create your own shocking experience and watch this mysterious force in action.

Rockin’ Rockets

Design a rocket capable of landing on a far-off planet! Investigate how different variables affect the flight of a rocket and learn about aerodynamics, forces, and motion along the way!

Naked Egg Drop

Use knowledge of forces and motion to engineer a device to safely catch a precious cargo.

Maglev Racers

It’s a float to the finish line! Join our scientific pit crew and learn to use a mysterious force to levitate and race a vehicle. See how fast you can make your vehicle go.

Blow the House Down

A hurricane is coming, and you need a strong shelter! Build a home that can stand up to the wind. Put your home to the test and see if it can outlast the storm.

Engineer a Bridge

The animals need a bridge to safely cross the river! Use common and recycled materials to achieve this engineering feat. Watch as the animals test your design.

Air Force Fun!

Air is an invisible but mighty force! It can do many things from uprooting trees to keeping planes in the sky. Learn how to harness this invisible power and direct it to knock down targets.

Earth Impact

What would happen if a meteor impacted Earth again? Simulate impacts and see how the size and shape of a meteor affects Earth’s surface.

DNA Extraction

Have you ever wondered how scientists get DNA out of cells? Learn how extracting DNA from your own cells. Once you have your DNA, make a DNA necklace to show your family and friends.

Uncovering Our Past

Learn how fossils are formed, discovered, and used to help us understand Earth’s past. Make a mold and cast of your favorite fossil to take home. Explore, ask questions, and find answers to the mysteries of prehistoric life.

Robots to the Rescue

Use your coding skills to program a rescue robot to locate and then guide a lost character to safety.

Some stations may have constraints. Download the Curiosity on Wheels flyer for details.

*At this time, Curiosity on Wheels is only available for schools located in Michigan. Please call for alternative solutions in other states.

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