Hope in Action

Building a Better Future Together

Over the last quarter century, thousands of people have walked through the doors of Van Andel Institute. Researchers, educators, staff, community members, young professionals, Institute supporters and business leaders connect at the Institute every day, combining their individual insights in the hope of building a better future.

That shared hope is often ethereal, an invisible thread that unites us in the face of cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases. Here, we shine a spotlight on the personal stories that fuel VAI’s mission.


Karen Custer

“It gives me hope to have an institute and research facility in our own backyard.”

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Ann Schoen

“I saw how the incredible talent we have here is dedicated to helping everyone with cancer, Parkinson’s and other disease.”

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Eli Bieri

“We were out in the field, doing real science, and that’s the kind of thinking that translates into a career.”

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Leena Kariapper

“The problem-based learning system and the supportive environment at VAI has further leveraged my ability to conduct good science.”

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