Procurement Services

About Procurement Services

Procurement Services’ mission is to provide world class support to our customers through excellent communication, responsive customer service, providing innovative solutions, dedication to cost savings, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Supplier Requirements

The Van Andel Institute (VAI) Procurement Services department supports Van Andel Research Institute (VARI), Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI), Van Andel Institute Graduate School (VAIGS), and all operational Institute departments. The goal for the Procurement Services department is to find the supplier that provides the best quality, service and support at the lowest cost.

Supplier Eligibility

Vendors interested in doing business with VAI should contact one of the buyers to set up a meeting. If your business is debarred or excluded from doing business with the Federal government you will not be able to do business with VAI until the debarment or exclusion has been removed. New suppliers may be evaluated on their financial stability via a Dunn and Bradstreet report. Suppliers are required to complete our Supplier Qualification Application located in the Forms tab.

Code of Conduct

The VAI Procurement Services staff adheres to the highest level of professional ethics as defined by the Institute of Supply Management. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the same level of integrity and ethics in dealing with the Institute.

Any potential Conflict of Interest with anyone at VAI must be disclosed by the vendor, see below. All procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner proving full and open competition. Contractors are not allowed to draft specifications, requirements, Statements of Work, RFP’s, Sole Source Justification, or any other document regarding the purchase of goods or services if they are competing for the business.

Vendors must always submit their best and final offer when submitting quotes and responding to a bid or RFP.

Conflict of Interest

The vendor must maintain written standards of conduct covering conflicts of interest and governing the performance of its employees engaged in the provision of supplies, equipment, or services to VAI. No employee, officer, or agent of vendor must participate in the provision or administration of services or supplies supported by a Federal award if he or she has a real or apparent conflict of interest with its customer. Such a conflict of interest would arise when the employee, officer, or agent, any member of his or her immediate family, his or her partner, or an organization which employs or is about to employ any of the parties indicated herein, has a financial or other interest in or a tangible personal benefit from a firm considered for a contract. Neither vendor nor Federal award recipient must solicit or accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from vendors or parties to subcontracts. The standards of conduct must provide for disciplinary actions to be applied for violations of such standards by officers, employees, or agents of the vendor or award recipient.

Supplier Diversity

The Procurement Services Department at the Van Andel Institute is committed to providing equal opportunity to all businesses, regardless of size, race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

In an effort to cultivate a more diverse vendor base, the Procurement Services Department will identify and routinely seek Small Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises, and Woman-Owned Businesses, and give them opportunities to develop business relationships with the Van Andel Institute. See the Supplier Diversity tab for more information.

Vendor Visitation

VAI is a secure building; vendors must have an appointment and check-in with a buyer when they arrive. See the Vendor Visitation policy for more information.

Product Shows

See the Product Show Guidelines for specific information regarding vendor product shows.

PO Requirements

Vendors are required to obtain a purchase order from the Procurement Services department for any supplies, services, or equipment shipped to VAI and must adhere to the VAI Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Note: the Procurement Services buyers are the only authorized individuals to purchase supplies, equipment, and services on behalf of VAI. If you do not have a purchase order issued from Procurement Services you risk not getting paid. Any changes to a purchase order must be approved in writing by a buyer. A written acknowledgement with the confirmation number for the order is required.

American Express

VAI pays suppliers via American Express. If you do not accept American Express please contact the VAI Accounts Payable Department to obtain information regarding establishing an American Express account.

Public Announcement and Sealed Bids

Vendors should note that VAI receives Federal awards and is subject to Title 2: Part 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Award. More information is available in the Forms/Links section. Purchases for supplies, equipment, or services over $150,000 with Federal funds will be publically advertised on this website in the “Public Bid Opportunities” section. All qualified, responsive, and responsible bidders will be considered that meet the requirements and specifications of the bid.

Inbound Freight Program

VAI manages all inbound shipments and freight. Vendor must provide free freight or utilize VAI’s air, ground, or LTL carriers.

Demo Equipment

All demo equipment being brought on site for more than one day must have a no charge VAI PO number issued by Procurement Services for tracking purposes. Contact the Buyer for assistance.

Tax Exempt 

Van Andel Institute is tax exempt. The VARI tax exempt number is 52-2000823, the VAEI tax exempt number is 52-2000824, and the tax exempt number for the VAIGS is 20-3340886.