Jamie Endicott, Ph.D.

Van Andel Institute Graduate School Student


Undergraduate university: Michigan State University (B.S. in biomedical laboratory diagnostics, B.S. in human biology); ASCP-certified as a medical laboratory scientist (MLS)

Thesis: Building a mitotic clock

Mentor: Peter Laird, Ph.D.

Experience: Jamie previously worked as an MLS at Detroit Receiving Hospital Stat Laboratory and Blood Bank and as a research assistant at Henry Ford Bone and Joint Center. At her research post, she studied hereditary musculoskeletal diseases, primarily collagen VI-myopathies.

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan

Hobbies: Mountain biking and triathlons


Endicott JL, Nolte PA, Shen H, Laird PW. 2022. Cell division drives DNA methylation loss in late-replicating domains in primary human cellsNat Comm 13:6659.

Endicott J, Holden P, Fitzgerald J. 2017. Authentication of collagen VI antibodies. BMC Res Notes 10:358.