Welcome to VAI Voice!

Hello! We’re Van Andel Institute.

Welcome to our new blog, VAI Voice, which will provide a look into the exciting research and educational initiatives underway at the Institute. Here’s a quick look at some of the topics you can expect:

  • Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? VAI Voice will give readers an inside look at the cutting-edge research conducted in VARI’s labs. You’ll also hear directly from the scientists conducting this exciting work.
  • Curious about the scientific and educational breakthroughs that make the news? We’ll provide insights into some of today’s most exciting scientific and educational topics.
  • We’ve all heard scientific jargon. VAI Voice will break down what some of these words actually mean—and why they’re important—with helpful explainers.
  • Learn about the innovative ways VAI is changing the way science is taught.
  • Can’t make it to one of our events? Don’t worry—the blog will have you covered with event highlights and media.

Who are we?

Van Andel Institute is an agile biomedical research and science education institute known for breaking down barriers that hold innovation captive. Here’s how we’re organized:

  • Van Andel Research Institute is a world leader in cancer epigenetics and Parkinson’s disease research. Collaborating with academia, industry and philanthropy, we orchestrate cutting edge clinical trials to improve human health.
  • Van Andel Education Institute is leading a national revolution in science education by uniquely empowering teachers to engage students to think and act like scientists.
  • Van Andel Institute Graduate School develops future leaders in biomedical research through an intense problem-focused Ph.D. degree in cellular, molecular and genetic biology.
  • Purple Community is Van Andel Institute’s grassroots community awareness and fundraising program that connects individuals, schools, teams and companies that want to join the fight against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to the resources needed for action.

We hope to see you back here soon. Have questions or comments? Reach us at info@vai.org.

-The Van Andel Institute team