VAI August news round-up

Curious about what’s been happening at the Institute lately? Don’t worry—we have you covered. Here are some of the biggest stories from August.

Aug. 2
Research brief: Targeting inflammation in suicide risk (blog post)

Reduced activity of an important enzyme identified among suicidal patients (news release)

Aug. 4
21 completely reassuring things scientists wish you knew about cancer (Reader’s Digest)
VARI’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Peter Jones, is quoted in numbers 8 and 13.

Aug. 8
New model recreates early spread of Parkinson’s disease in the brain (news release)

Aug. 11
Some infections tied to greater suicide risk (CBS News)

Aug. 16

Summer program push participants to think, work like scientists (School News Network)

Aug. 17

Purple Community visits the Morning Show with Shelley Irwin (WGVU)

Aug. 25

Three outstanding structural biologists join Van Andel Research Institute (news release)

Aug. 29

Vitamin C may improve leukemia treatment, Van Andel Institute researchers find (

Vitamin C may boost effectiveness of acute myeloid leukemia treatment (news release)