The power of giving: Steve Hodges and KiMe Fund

The KiMe Cure Neurological Disorders Fund was founded by a man with a vision. Steve Hodges, a business leader, public speaker and consultant, started the KiMe Fund after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009. Hodges created he fund with the hope that it would support groundbreaking biomedical research that could bring about new and impactful Parkinson’s therapies.

In 2014, the KiMe Fund donated $25,000 to the Institute’s Center for Neurodegenerative Science to help fun research that aim to determine how mutations in a gene called VPS35 contribute to inherited Parkinson’s disease. Hodges and the KiMe Fund also partnered with the Institute to host Driving Toward a Cure, a special event to benefit VAI’s Parkinson’s disease research.

“I am confident that the research under way at Van Andel Institute is among the most innovative in the country. VAI aims to not only improve the standard of care for patients with Parkinson’s but also identify a cause for the disease,” Hodges said.

If you would like to donate to Van Andel Institute’s Parkinson’s disease research programs click here.