‘A Grand Plan’ for achieving breakthroughs and improving health

Collaboration, innovation and robust science are a powerful combination, one that drives discoveries aimed at improving health for generations to come.

The era of siloed science is over. Today’s breakthroughs rarely reside in one field. Instead, they reflect the complexity of the human body itself, and require a team approach that brings together expertise and techniques from multiple areas.

That’s why Van Andel Institute teamed up with Science to produce a special supplement titled “A Grand Plan: How a visionary approach to collaboration is accelerating progress in epigenetics, neurodegenerative diseases, metabolism and cancer research.” The supplement published in tandem with Science’s Breakthrough of the Year edition.

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The piece explores the Institute’s interdisciplinary approach and its special focus on epigenetics, an important process with major implications for health and disease. It also showcases Grand Rapids as a great place to live, play and do exceptional research.

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