Van Andel Institute Marathon Team

Running a marathon is an incredible undertaking, requiring a tremendous amount of physical endurance and mental toughness, along with a healthy dose of motivation. The Van Andel Institute Marathon Team brings together passionate runners who are looking to make an impact, providing complimentary access to marathons across the world. By partnering with the VAI Marathon Team, team members can boost their race by running in honor or memory of someone in their life who was impacted by cancer or Parkinson’s.

When you sign up to run with the Van Andel Institute Marathon Team, we will be with you every step of the way! In addition to complimentary guaranteed entries to three World Majors, the Bank of America Chicago MarathonTCS New York City Marathon or the BMW Berlin Marathon, you’ll have access to fitness training and an amazing team of supporters, all while raising funds to support cancer and Parkinson’s disease research at VAI.

And the best part? Every single dollar you raise goes directly to research. Learn more about VAI ➔

The VAI Marathon team features exciting benefits, including:

  • A welcome kit with official VAI Marathon Team gear.
  • An opportunity for our runners to attend pre-and/or post-race activities.
  • Complimentary membership to RunGR for local runners.
  • Support from VAI’s fundraising team, providing the guidance and tips needed to run a successful fundraiser.
  • Access to a community of runners who are passionate about research and science education.

For questions, contact Sarah Rollman at [email protected].

Team Training Partner

BMW Berlin Marathon

Sept. 29, 2024

Thank you for your interest in running with Van Andel Institute at the BMW Berlin Marathon 2024. We’ve filled our spots for the 2024 race. Keep an eye out for 2025 race information!

Sarah Eich
James Frieling
Andrew Gast
Saif Pathan
Srikant Sarangi
Lisa Wolf

Joseph Brennan
Tad Dobre
Jeff Eardley
Mackenzie Grzybek
Grant Ludema
George Sharpe Jr.


Benjamin Brouwer

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Oct. 13, 2024

Thank you for your interest in running with Van Andel Institute at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2024. We’ve filled our spots for the 2024 race. Keep an eye out for 2025 race information!

Adam Antor
Jenica Barker
Sydney Burla
Connor Callahan
Suzanne Callahan
Yves Capitaine Jr
Anlong Chua
Tom Curran
Amanda Davio
Elizabeth Ebner
Madison Fleck
Matt Fleck
Taylor Grube
John Grzybek
Andres Hernandez
Jessica Hossink
David Hossink
Leah MacFadden
Julia McKee
Brooke Miller
David Parolin
Gerald Paschal
Ryan Shockley
David VanTongeren
Amanda Wendell

Jenica Barker
Mary Camp
Robert Camp
Cathy Cantu
Yves Capitaine Jr.
Veronica Constantine
John Grzybek
Abigail Hollern
Justin Kessler
Kyle Kratchmer
Nick Kratchmer
Kevin Kurgat
Jim Libolt
Ben Merritt
Sara Merritt
Steve Ozinga
Chris Pregent-Halford
Nicole Rodammer
Adam Russo
Jennifer Sarver
Jordan Segasser
Katie Vanhevel

Joseph Brennan
Yves Capitaine
Izzy Derber
Tad Dobre
Ryan Duncan
Graham Gaule
Rob Johnson
Fiona McPherson Grant
Melissa Ozinga
Steve Ozinga
Scott Sayler
George Sharpe
Jennifer Turala
Michael Turala

Joseph Brennan
Marcos Cordoba
Samuel Daniels
Erin Dean
Sarah Eich
James Frieling
Joe Hanson
Mary Beth Kelly
Andrew Klein
Clifford Kopp
Derek Krajewski
John McSorley
Susan Mickler
Sandra Morales
Brian Picardat
Shannon Roleck
Amy Stanton
Douglas Wagner
Spencer Whyte

Runners who have deferred due to COVID-19

Joseph Brennan
Veronica Constantine
Marcos Cordoba
Anna Derber
Joe Hanson
Andrew Klein
Susie Mickler
Sandra Morales
Douglas Wagner
Spencer Whyte
Danielle Willover

Samantha Bartholomew
Joseph Brennan
Mark Durocher
Brad Hilton
McKenzie Hollern
Suzanne Knoll
Nicolas Koerber
Clifford Kopp
Kim Kordecki
Katie Kuipers
Kate Lieberman
Jessica Lockwood
Marlo Morgan
Rorybeth Novosad
Kelly Pendleton
Terry Popa
Joshua Potter
Daniel Rietema
George Sharpe
Thomas Stoll
Kiera Suwyn
Lexie Suwyn
Sydney Vinton
Tammy Anderson
Mike Berman
Toby Blom
Benjamin Cook
Kristine Cooley
David Couch
Brenda Gardner
Kenneth Gildersleeve
Jay Glover
Amy Hagerstrom-Stanton
Alexis Hartman
Lindsey Hutchings
James Johnson
Angela King
Beth Koperdak
Kate Lieberman
Tina Lippert
John McSorley
Sarah Minnick
Bobby Mosel
Lanny Potts
Susan Pragaspathy
Sarah Rollman
Jayme Romine
Lawrence Rush
Ann Schneider
Nicole Sharpe
George Sharpe
Jencen Smith
Rebecca Steketee
Mindy Uitvlugt
Elizabeth Vaughan
Andy Verheek
Michael Weber
Hannah Acosta
Cherrah Casserly
Meghan Cordes
Aaron DeVos
Andrew DeVries
Steve DeVries
Maria Eguiluz
Kelly Foy
Amy Hagerstrom-Stanton
Ryan Harrell
Rachel Jager
Matthew Jump
Kristen Kinzer
Emily Machiela
Hilary Muller
Kendra Muller
Matthew Owen
Danielle Pennings
Craig Pennings
Mandy Reed
George Sharpe
Missy Sharpe
Tammie Siegrist
Andrew Sinclair
Jim Tassoni
Chelsea Westra

TCS New York City Marathon

Nov. 3, 2024

Thank you for your interest in running with Van Andel Institute at theTCS New York City Marathon 2024. We’ve filled our spots for the 2024 race. Keep an eye out for 2025 race information!

Cameron Atkinson
Ann Califano
Adams Conrad
Giovanni Crispi
Maria Defendini
Christian Del Rosario
Sara Fuchs
Brenda Gerardo
Lucy Hilarides
Lynly Jeanlouis
Richard Lin
Thomas Manno
Liam McCaffery
Ross O’Connor
Spencer Plattner
Alicia Ponte
Christopher Ryan
Laura Stevenson
Uma Volety
Libby Widlak
Geoff Widlak

Amanda Surdenik
Andy Liu
Cameron De Fur
Daniel Sampayo
Gerald Paschal
Jack Malpasuto
Jeff Smith
Jenna Carey
Jennifer Salland
Jillian Lawrence
John Goetz
Josh Mahoney
Katie Kuipers
Lily Yatawara
Lori Harris
Monique Morin
Sarah Sullivan
Shakyra Ritchie
Shane Lloyd
Zoe Ryan

Tammy Anderson
Melanie Ball
Jack Barker
Katie Bean
Charles Brew
Jessica Brew
Kaelyn Christian
William Cook
Marcos Cordoba
Nicky Edwards
Sarah Eich
James Frieling
Jason Froimowitz
Brenda Gardner
Giddings Harrison
Joy Kim
Anne M. Kim
Gigi Lancaster
Grace E. Lee
Cara Ontiveros
Saif Pathan
Maria Phillips
Chris Pregent-Halford
Michael C. Ramsey
Sarah L. Stickney
Grace E. Lee

Mark Grevengoed
William Ingalls
Brandon Marsh
Cole McConnachie
Jennifer Turala
Michael Turala

Runners who were deferred due to COVID-19

Tammy Anderson
Brenda Gardner
Amanda Gleich
William Ingalls
Brandon Marsh
Cole McConnachie
Cara Ontiveros
Galena Rozanski
Sarah Stickney
Jennifer Turala
Michael Turala
Meg Welch
Erika Welch

Jackie Blankenship
Mike Byam
Marcos Cordoba
Annie Dandavati
Anne Depalle
James Johnson
Stephanie Latimer
Brandon Lawson
John McSorley
Daniel Rogers
Lawrence Rush
John Sanford
Tracie Sanford
Grace Trudnowski
Jacob Turmell
Stephen Tuuk
Lars Wasvick

Mike Byam
Kelly Christensen
James Del Verde
Aaron DeVos
Rhonda Fisher
Paul Hendricks
Melissa Linden
Robert Lubin
Brian Machiela
Joel Neckers
Stephen Tuuk