Parkinson's Disease Center


Parkinson's Disease Center

Van Andel Institute’s Focal Centers in cancer and Parkinson’s are hubs for translating groundbreaking discoveries into clinical trials. Established in 2020, the VAI Cancer Center and VAI Parkinson’s Disease Center provide a support and infrastructure for scientists to develop and implement translational cancer and Parkinson’s disease projects in Grand Rapids and beyond, both in the lab and the clinic.

In the coming years, we expect the number of projects supported by Centers to grow, multiplying the Institute’s impact in cancer and Parkinson’s — diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

The goal of the Parkinson’s Disease Center is to support projects and clinical trials that investigate potential therapies to slow or stop Parkinson’s progression — a feat not possible with existing treatments.

International Linked Clinical Trials

Since 2012, VAI has partnered with Cure Parkinson’s to support clinical trials of medications developed to treat other diseases that also show potential for impeding Parkinson’s progression. Learn more here.

Our Impact

We're raising thousands to save millions

We’re turning hope into action for the millions of people around the world affected by diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. Find out how you can help us make a difference.

  • 121 peer-reviewed papers published in 2023
  • 62 peer-reviewed papers published in high-impact journals in 2023
  • 55 clinical trials launched to date
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