Shelby Compton, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Russell Jones Laboratory


Undergraduate university: Saint Mary’s College (B.S. in cellular and molecular biology)

Thesis: Investigating the mechanisms of LKB1-mediated inflammation in tumor progression

Mentor: Russell Jones, Ph.D.

Experience: While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s College, Shelby studied retinal regeneration at the University of Notre Dame in the lab of Dr. David R. Hyde. After graduation, she spent a year in the DeVos Cardiovascular Research Program (a joint effort between Van Andel Institute and Spectrum Health) under the mentorship of Dr. Stefan Jovinge.

Hometown: Saugatuck, MI

Hobbies: Sailing, swimming, cooking, traveling


Kaymak I, Luda KM, Duimstra LR, Ma EH, Longo J, Dahabieh MS, Faubert B, Oswald BM, Watson MJ, Kitchen-Goosen SM, DeCamp LM, Compton SE, Fu Z, DeBerardinis RJ, Williams KS, Sheldon RD, Jones RG. 2022. Carbon source availability drives nutrient utilization in CD8+ T cells. Cell Metab.