Lorrie Jaynes’ Story

Paying it Forward:

One woman’s victory over breast cancer and the legacy she leaves for others

breast cancer storyBreast cancer research has made great strides thanks to women who have battled the disease, won and advocated for others. Lorrie Jaynes continues that legacy today.

“Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Lorrie. “I was 37, and I had no family history.” 

Today, she’s a fundraiser, volunteer and advocate who coaches others receiving cancer treatments.

“I can do things now. I can spread the word. I can volunteer. That’s what I enjoy now. That’s my real passion,” she said.

10-Year Celebration

Lorrie celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis and now being cancer-free by holding a 5k run in Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, Mich., and she invited friends and family to participate for a $10 donation. Thanks to her efforts, Lorrie raised more than $700 for breast cancer research at Van Andel Institute.

I wanted 100% to stay in Grand Rapids and for it all to go to research. Someday when we find a cure, I want to be a part of it. I will be a part of it.

Join Lorrie in the fight for improved treatments and diagnostics. Learn how you can support breast cancer research at Van Andel Institute by contacting Development at development@vai.org or 616.234.5030.




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