Mar. 20, 2024
12:00 pm  -  1:00 pm ET

Public Lecture Series: The Science Behind Cancer and Nutrition

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Can diet be a tool to fight cancer?

Although there is no shortage of purported “anti-cancer” diets in popular culture, there still are many unknowns about the relationship between nutrition and cancer.

Van Andel Institute’s Dr. Evan Lien is working to change that. Using the latest technologies, Dr. Lien investigates how certain nutrients affect cancer growth — and works to identify evidence-based dietary strategies to enhance current and emerging cancer treatments.

Join Dr. Lien for an illuminating discussion about what we know about nutrition’s impact on cancer — and what we don’t — and how new breakthroughs could inform tailored dietary strategies to combat cancer.

We are aware of a water boil advisory currently impacting areas of Grand Rapids. This advisory will not affect the Public Lecture Series — the event will proceed in-person and virtually as scheduled.

Evan Lien, Ph.D., Van Andel Institute

Assistant Professor, Department of Metabolism and Nutritional Programming

Cancer cells have voracious appetites for nutrients and energy, which they use to grow and spread. Dr. Evan Lien searches for ways to deprive tumors of their fuel sources by exploring the molecular and biochemical interactions between diet, metabolism and cancer with the goal of developing breakthrough prevention and treatment strategies.

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Venue: Hybrid (VAI and Virtual) 333 Bostwick Ave. NE Grand Rapids

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