Van Andel Institute remembers Dr. Viviane Labrie

The Institute mourns the loss of Associate Professor Dr. Viviane Labrie, who unexpectedly passed away August 21.

Dr. Labrie was an imaginative, creative scientist. Her ability to look at the world through different lenses allowed her to see things in new ways, and ultimately revealed groundbreaking insights with the potential to change lives.

“Viviane was an incredibly talented and creative scientist who quickly established herself as a leading researcher in neuroscience. Possessed with an extraordinary intellect and an adventurous spirit, Viviane explored new ideas and experiences with relish. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and she easily engaged others in her excitement. 

Dynamic and imaginative, Viviane was just starting her journey to the very top of her field. Already, she had made significant contributions to the understanding of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Her impact will continue to be felt in the scientific world and among all of us. Viviane will be deeply and profoundly missed.” 

~ Dr. Peter A. Jones and Dr. Patrik Brundin

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