At long last, it’s summertime. The classrooms have emptied, the schools have hit pause, and everyone is looking forward to taking a well-deserved break. In the past, many students would use this opportunity to attend camps, pursue a hobby, or spend time with friends. Unfortunately, more and more students are spending their days in front of a screen. Getting student attention away from mobile devices has been a problem in the classroom for years, and it’s now starting to follow children into their summer vacation.

So, what can educators do to reignite that spark of summertime wonder? We can turn to curiosity. When students are curious about something, they are more likely to stay engaged, to persevere, and to think creatively about the world around them. By supplying students with inquiry-based activities that test their critical-thinking skills, we can help them put their phones away and embrace the full potential of the summer season. Here are just a few activities that teachers and parents can use to keep curiosity alive:

Summer Reading I K-12
Recent data indicates that students today are reading less. Let’s do something to fix that! Break out that library card and treat your kids to a summer of incredible stories. They can explore works of classic literature like Treasure Island or Little Women, or maybe take up something more modern like Front Desk by Kelly Yang or New Kid by Jerry Craft.

Cupcake Science (VAI) I 4-12
It has often been said that “Baking is a science and cooking is an art”. This activity will have you practicing your scientific process and skills while creating (mostly) delicious creations. Find out the answer to the question “What does each cupcake ingredient do?” Cupcake Science

Rockin’ Rockets (VAI) I 4-12
Become a rocket scientist with this simple activity! Design rockets out of everyday materials, test variables, and discover what makes a rocket fly! Rockin’ Rockets

Squirrel Feeder (VAI) I 2-12
Everybody loves bird feeders; they see squirrels as nuisances. But squirrels are intelligent and amazing creatures! Try this engineering challenge to foster love and appreciation for sensational squirrels! Squirrel Feeder

Lemon Powered Clock (VAI) I 4-12
When life gives you lemons….make a clock! Create a unique clock powered by an unconventional source. Repurpose some household materials to learn about circuits and electricity! Lemon Powered Clock

If you found these activities both fun and helpful, then be sure to check out Keep Curiosity Alive! Keep Curiosity Alive is a free resource filled with different activities to keep learning alive and well throughout the summer. So, take a little time to enjoy the freedom of summer and discover something new. If we let our curiosity lead us someplace new, there’s no telling what we might learn!

For more free educational resources simply follow this link.