Did you know that April 16th is National Librarian Day? It’s an opportunity for us all to stop and recognize the invaluable services that librarians provide – especially in our schools. From cataloguing books, to reshelving, to helping students find the resources they need to flourish, librarians play an essential role in the cycle of education. This day of recognition comes just in time too. Given the massive upheaval schools have experienced these last few years, it’s important to remember that librarians are enduring these challenges as well.

Right now, schools are still recovering from the pandemic. Many educators, including librarians, are trying to find their footing. On top of this, our highly charged political atmosphere means that school libraries are facing harsher scrutiny then they have in previous years. Needless to say, it’s a stressful time to be an educator. So, how can your students reach out and show school librarians just how much they’re appreciated?

A Few Thoughtful Ideas

Here are just a few things teachers and their students can do to show school librarians how much they are valued:

  • Say “Thank You”: When was the last time your students thanked their librarian? Consider having them write Thank You notes to the librarians while highlighting one of the specific services they provide. If your students are feeling bold, you could also try creating a Thank You video with the class. What’s important is they remember to express their gratitude.
  • Share a Book: Librarians spend a lot of time and effort searching out books to add to school collections. Students can recognize their effort by presenting their favorite book in a watercolor book report. Students cut out an image of the main character and glue it in the middle. Then, they draw lines from the image and fill each section with information about the character and plot. Invite your librarians to view the reports, they’ll be happy to learn that students are enjoying the books they select.
  • Lend a Hand–to Literacy!: Literacy is an important cause which many librarians are passionate about. Work with your students to raise money for one of these charities that promote resources for reading! Work with students to create a persuasive commercial about the importance of books and literacy. Once finished, share it with friends and family to raise money for a great cause. Finally, donate the money raised in your librarian’s name!
The Next Chapter           

A lot of changes are taking place in the world of education, but librarians will always be an invaluable part of every student’s learning journey. Let’s remember to take a moment in the coming days and thank them for all the hard work that they do. So, swing by the school library, say Thank You and maybe offer to buy your librarian a cup of coffee. They will certainly appreciate your support!

And on quick personal note: Thank you librarians – you all are amazing!

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*Image courtesy of Ginny via Wikimedia Commons.