13th Annual Winterfest Celebration

Join Parkinson’s Patient Advocate David Bronkema and Support Parkinson’s Disease Research at Van Andel Institute  

Van Andel Institute (VAI) donors, supporters, Parkinson’s activists and scientists gathered together for the 13th annual Winterfest Celebration on February 22, 2018. Those in attendance had the unique opportunity to hear from VAI’s Chairman and CEO, David Van Andel, and Van Andel Research Institute’s Associate Director of Research, Dr. Patrik Brundin, as well as Drs. Lena Brundin, Viviane Labrie and Parkinson’s patient advocate David Bronkema. The event raised important funds for Parkinson’s disease research, highlighted the Institute’s mission, and placed a spotlight on the very real impact Parkinson’s can have on a person’s life.

David’s Story 

David Bronkema was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the young age of 42, and has become a powerful voice for people affected by the disease. David is also a dedicated, passionate supporter of Van Andel Institute’s Parkinson’s disease research, and is an outspoken believer in the power of personal faith and scientific discovery.

David’s story highlights the importance of hope in the face of great adversity, and how one person, and one voice can make a difference.

Learn more about Van Andel Institute’s Parkinson’s disease research here: https://patrikbrundinlab.vai.org/