Breast Cancer • Prostate Cancer • Pancreatic Cancer • Brain Cancer • Kidney Cancer • Lung Cancer • Melanoma • Parkinson's Disease

Together, we are not helpless against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Why go purple?

Purple Community - 100% Hope is a fun way to bring people together to offer hope and support in the face of disease and help fight against it in a very real way.

Van Andel Institute has the power to create
100% Hope for patients & families, and so do you.

Most of us don't have to look far to find someone battling disease. Whether it's your mother, brother, cousin, neighbor or teacher, everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. And more than 1.5 million Americans suffer from Parkinson's, which has no cure.

The team of researchers at Van Andel Institute searches daily for ways to better diagnose and treat these diseases. The cures and therapies that result from our research can help people around the world -- or they can help your mother, brother, cousin, neighbor, teacher.

We are fighting back. You can, too.

In 2009, we created Purple Community - 100% Hope, a way for anyone to get involved in the fight. Purple Community - 100% Hope allows you to create a fundraising event based on your personal passion. It could be a walkathon, motorcycle rally, sporting event or a simple bake sale. Or it could be something we haven't thought of yet. Just choose your event, then make it purple by planning it through our website.

Your event could be in honor or memory of a loved one touched by disease or a simple way to rally your school or group behind a common cause. Purple Community - 100% Hope brings people together to share stories, find support and celebrate hope through the research being conducted at VAI. And 100% of the funds raised from your event goes directly to that disease-fighting research. Nothing is taken out for overhead costs or administrative fees; every single dollar goes to research.

Now that is 100% Hope!

More Information

Purple Community - 100% Hope events support research conducted at Van Andel Institute in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. The institute was founded by Jay and Betty Van Andel in 1996 with a vision of enriching and enhancing lives worldwide through biomedical research and education.  

To learn more about the Institute, its research and its educational programs, go to www.vai.org.