Instructional Strategies

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Bring the Earth
April 13, 2023 Bring the Earth to Your Students

I’ve always found Spring to be a fascinating time of year. There’s a certain energy to the season which makes you stop and take notice.…

April 5, 2023 Making Room for Science in a Busy Classroom

Some time ago during an educational Q&A, Van Andel Institutes’ Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Peter Jones – was asked why it’s…

Teaching Style
March 29, 2023 Who Are You? Discovering Your Teaching Style

It’s the mistake that runs the world: we assume that everyone else is more like us than they really are. That mistake creeps…

March 22, 2023 Helping Students Ace Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are an inescapable part of education. Though they play an important role in the learning process, these tests can also generate a lot…

Leadership Styles
March 9, 2023 How Educators can Build Authentic Leadership Styles

What are the characteristics of a good leader? Many of us have asked this question at least once in our lives. After all, leadership is…

Valentine’s Day
February 8, 2023 Celebrate Valentine’s Day with STEAM

The month of February is all about heart. We see them dotted on classroom windows and decorating the shelves at our local convenience store. It…

Math Resources
January 25, 2023 Utilizing Math Resources to Build Inquiry and Conceptual Understanding

Do you ever find yourself searching the web, trying to locate that ideal math resource? You know, the one…

January 18, 2023 Inquiry Insider’s Top 5 Blogs of 2022

It’s hard to believe how quickly a year goes by. Every January 1st we make our plans, write down our goals, and hope for the…