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11 Apr 2015

The power of giving: Steve Grill

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Steve Grill is a believer in the power of biomedical research to bring about new therapies that could one day eradicate cancer. Grill’s mother and brother both passed away from cancer, and his reason for giving is very personal.

As the fiduciary of his brother’s trust, the J. Scott Grill Trust, Grill was responsible for finding a home for a sizable gift to benefit cancer research. After some research and discussions with friends and family, Grill decided that Van Andel Institute was the perfect home for the gift. Motivated by the Institute’s strong ties to his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and that 100 percent of his donation would go directly into the lab to support the Institute’s Center for Epigenetics.

“Van Andel Institute has some of the sharpest biomedical research minds in the country, and they can’t do their work unless we help them acquire the tools to perform this groundbreaking research,” Steve Grill said.

Interested in learning more about planned giving at Van Andel Institute? Visit vai.org/plannedgiving or please contact Brett Holleman at Brett.Holleman@vai.org or 616.234.5045.