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Interview with Ashley Owen 
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
17 Oct. 2018

The Van Andel Institute takes on the Chicago Marathon
Maranda | WOTV4
16 Oct. 2018

Rethinking your career experiment
Erica Gobrogge, Ph.D. | Inside Higher Ed. 
15 Oct. 2018

Stony Brook team in search of cure for infectious bugs 
Delthia Ricks | Newsday 
15 Oct. 2018

Van Andel Institute tackles metabolism’s role in health 
Emily Linnert | WOODTV 
9 Oct. 2018

New VARI initiative aims to understand how metabolism drives disease
Sarah Schmid Stevenson | Xconomy
8 Oct. 2018

What’s your metabolism got to do with it? Van Andel Researchers trying to figure it out
Val Lego | WZZM13
4 Oct. 2018

New York fashions on a West Michigan runway
eightWest | WOOD TV
1 Oct. 2018

A ray of molecular beauty from cryo-EM
Dr. Francis Collins | NIH Director’s Blog
20 Sept. 2018

Interview with Dr. Russell Jones
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
19 Sept. 2018

With more than $123.6 million pledged so far in U.S. and Canada in connection with Sept. 7 telecast, Stand Up To Cancer has its best-ever fundraising special
Stand Up To Cancer
9 Sept. 2018

Two-drug combination may boost immunotherapy responses in lung cancer patients
Medicine Line News
7 Sept. 2018

More stars comes together for Stand Up To Cancer telecast on Friday, September 7
Stand Up to Cancer
5 Sept. 2018

Stand Up To Cancer announces digital live show leading into 2018 telecast
Stand Up To Cancer
30 Aug. 2018

iHuman team at Shanghai Tech University deciphers the first Frizzled receptor structure
iHuman Institute
23 Aug. 2018

Study identifies chaperone protein implicated in Parkinson’s disease
Science and Technology Research news
22 August 2018

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) a key element in recent research
Alex Keown | BioSpace
27 July 2018

Interview with Dr. Manpreet Kalkat and Dr. Erica Gobrogge
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
20 June 2018

Does Parkinson’s begin in the gut?
Diana Kwon | Scientific American
8 May 2018

Interview with epigenetics expert Dr. Viviane Labrie
Ben Stecher | Tomorrow Edition
12 March 2018

Inside track: An epigenetics pioneer 
Justin Dawes | Grand Rapids Business Journal
2 March 2018

Engage and move forwards: Eukaryotic CMG helicase leads the way at replication forks
Kerstin Brachold | Advanced Science News
27 February 2018

Parkinson’s Foundation announces $1.2 Million investment to advance careers, support innovation of early career Parkinson’s scientists
Parkinson’s Foundation
8 August 2017

VARI scientist wins $250K grant
Jesse O’Brien | Grand Rapids Business Journal
27 July 2017

Van Andel Institute installs world class microscope to help fight cancer
Erica Francis | FOX 17
5 April 2017

VARI invests $10M in microscope facility
Jesse O’Brien | Grand Rapids Business Journal
29 March 2017

Interview with Dr. Karsten Melcher
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
15 March 2017

Charting the unknown: Piroska Szabó of the Van Andel Research Institute
Elyse Wild | Women’s LifeStyle
7 March 2017

Characterizing the imprintome
Amber Dance | The Scientist
1 Jan. 2017

How tobacco smoke changes the (epi)genome
4 Nov. 2016

Smoking-linked cancer mutations mapped
Anna Azvolinsky | The Scientist
3 Nov. 2016

Pathology: The prion principle
Simon Malkin | Nature
26 Oct. 2016

Interview with Dr. Peter Jones
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
21 Sept. 2016

Peter Laird: Epigenetics, DNA methylation and Arrays (Illumina)
6 Sept. 2016

Interview with Jim Nicolette of VAEI
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
20 July 2016

Interview with Dr. Scott Jewell
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
15 July 2016

Interview with Dr. Viviane Labrie
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
20 April 2016

Two new compounds found to treat Ewing sarcoma
Oncology Times
16 April 2016

Chemicals can exert direct epigenetic effects on exposed fetal germ cells: An interview with Piroska Szabó, Ph.D.
Jill Escher | Germline Exposures
January 2016

Catalyzing Progress in Epigenetics Research
Cancer Research Catalyst – AACR
24 Sept. 2015

Interview with Dr. Patrick Grohar
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
19 Aug. 2015

Interview with Dr. Peter Jones on DNA methylation
The Naked Scientists
13 August 2015

Helping the heart heal itself
Spectrum Health HealthBeat
6 August 2015

Scientists use world’s most powerful X-ray laser in groundbreaking study of cells.
Sue Thoms | MLive
23 July 2015

Prion trials and tribulations: Finding the right tools and the right experimental models
2 July 2015

Dutch king and queen visit children’s hospital, learn about Parkinson’s research
Sue Thoms | MLive
2 June 2015

Can the heart heal itself? Game-changing study by Michigan scientist may lead the way
Sue Thoms | MLive
22 June 2015

Dutch program could make Grand Rapids a destination for Parkinson’s care
Shandra Martinez | MLive
29 May 2015

Does the germline remember?
BioMed Central
27 March 2015

Interview with Dr. Darren Moore
WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
15 April 2015

Van Andel Institute leaders honored with Research!America award
Sue Thoms | MLive
16 March 2015

VAI’s Parkinson’s research gives patients hope
13 Feb. 2015

Latest advances in neurodegenerative disease research focus of VAI program
Sue Thoms | MLive
12 Nov. 2014

Prostate cancer research at Van Andel Research Institute (VAR): A multi-faceted approach
Prostate Cancer Communication
Fall 2014

Van Andel Institute commits $7.5 million to Stand Up To Cancer “Dream Team” researching epigenetics
Sue Thoms | MLive
20 Oct. 2014

Fred Upton brings 21stCentury Cures talks on fostering medical innovation to Kalamazoo
Linda S. Mah | MLive
7 Oct. 2014

New Parkinson’s research initiative launched by Van Andel Institute and patient advocacy group
Sue Thoms | MLive
24 Sept. 2014

Grand Rapids scientist joins stars in Stand Up To Cancer telecast tonight
Sue Thoms | MLive
5 Sept. 2014

Parkinson’s research: Patient-centered meeting part of symposium bringing together global experts
Sue Thoms | MLive
20 August 2014

How “home run” discovery on Medical Mile could help others
Sue Thoms | MLive
17 July 2014

Vision for Van Andel Institute: Lead scientist details plan for internationally known research center
Sue Thoms | MLive
9 July 2014

Grand Rapids surgeon-scientist receives Francis S. Collins scholar award
Sue Thoms | MLive
10 June 2014

Johns Hopkins announces winners of Francis S. Collins Scholar Award
9 June 2014

2014 AACR-Prostate Cancer Foundation Scholar-in-Training Award Recipients
30 April 2014

VAI appoints world renowned doctor as director of research
25 Feb. 2014

Van Andel Institute announces “historic moment” with plan for global epigenetics research hub
Sue Thoms | MLive
24 Feb. 2014

Van Andel Institute names CSO
Pete Daly | Grand Rapids Business Journal
17 Dec. 2013

Parkinson’s symposium honors doctor who developed deep brain stimulation treatment
Sue Thoms | MLive
17 Sept. 2013

VAI protein research could “slow the progression” of Parkinson’s
Pete Daly | Grand Rapids Business Journal
20 August 2013

Van Andel Institute’s George Vande Woude in prestigious first class honored for cancer research
Sue Thoms | MLive
3 April 2013

Gangs of corrupted proteins spread through mouse brains and cause Parkinson’s-like symptoms
Ed Yong | Discover
15 Nov. 2012

Closing in on a Parkinson’s drug: Van Andel scientist hopes study will lead way to halt disease
Sue Thoms | MLive
27 June 2012

First treatment for Huntington’s disease shows promise in rats, Van Andel Institute scientists say
Sue Thoms | MLive
30 May 2012

How West Michigan researchers’ discovery could lead to new ways to treat disease, protect crops
Sue Thoms | MLive
25 Jan. 2012

For Van Andel Institute’s new lead scientist in Parkinson’s research, fight against disease is personal
Sue Thoms | MLive
27 Oct. 2011

Van Andel Institute researchers identify prostate cancer protein interaction
Kyla King | MLive
2 April 2010

Van Andel Institute researchers discover spray that could be alternative to genetically engineered food
Matt Vande Bunte | MLive
19 Oct. 2010

Van Andel Institute plant research named among Science Magazine’s Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2009
Monica Scott | MLive
10 Jan. 2010

Super plants? Van Andel Research Institute discovery could produce crops resistant to cold, drought, other damage.
Monica Scott | MLive
3 Dec. 2009