Memorial and Tribute Funds

Memorials and Tributes

Memorial gifts to Van Andel Institute are a fitting tribute to a cherished loved one. Below are current memorials of those whose families have suggested donations to Van Andel Institute. Click on a name below to donate. 

If you do not see a particular name listed, please visit our donation page and fill in the memorial information at the bottom.

NameDesignated Fund
Dominic AmanteParkinson’s disease
Gasper AmodeoParkinson’s disease
James BarcelonaParkinson’s disease
Philip BattershallAlzheimer’s research
Raymond BeckerParkinson’s disease
Donna BellgardtUnrestricted
George BlasenParkinson’s disease
Leslie BowserCancer research
Robert BradfordParkinson’s disease
Richard CebelakParkinson’s disease
Wendell CooperUnrestricted
Lawrence DeSantis, Jr.Pancreatic cancer
Barbara DitchParkinson’s disease
Thomas DykeCancer disease
Elizabeth FosterParkinson’s disease
George GoudieParkinson’s disease
Norma JonesUnrestricted
Gisela KahAlzheimer’s disease
Merl MorehouseUnrestricted
June PalasekBreast cancer research
Harvey RingerwoleParkinson’s disease
Ellen RobertsParkinson’s disease
Fred RozemaUnrestricted
Randall “Randy” SullivanCancer research
Sue SuwynUnrestricted
George Vande WoudeUnrestricted
Elizabeth VanderJagtAlzheimer’s disease
Katherine VisotaParkinson’s disease
Carol WintonCancer research or Parkinson’s disease
Debra WittenbachLung cancer
William ZollerUnrestricted

Tribute links will remain active for one year after the last donation is received. If you do not see a particular name listed, please visit our donation page and fill in the memorial information at the bottom.

To learn more about establishing a memorial or tribute fund or designating Van Andel Institute for memorial gifts, please contact Lawrence Rush at Lawrence.Rush@vai.org or 616.234.5552.

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