In the weeks before Christmas,
I felt like each day,
My students’ attention
Slipped farther away.

Attention was wandering;
Minds were adrift.
My lessons would pale
When compared to the gifts
That they’d hope for and hint
That they really should see
When unwrapping their presents.
And my chemistry lessons,
Or algebra, couldn’t compete
Not unless lessons were truly elite.

It’s not like you sit down
To plan and have time
To construct your activities
So they all rhyme.
You need time to rest
And to recharge yourself,
And to find a new spot
For that Elf on the Shelf.
This year in particular, teachers are set
To need every ounce of support they can get.

Teachers Pay Teachers can help in a pinch;
It’s ready to go, so planning’s a cinch.
But often, the quality’s really sporadic.
Some are so bad that they’re downright traumatic.
And really, you ask, is it worth the search?
Shall you spend all of your time finding something of value?

This holiday season, let me purport
That I can share something
That gives real support.
Something engaging, to get kids’ attention,
And filled with good content to boost comprehension.
Something that’s simple to use flexibly,
And something that’s — best of all — perfectly free.

It’s Happier Holidays!

This little gem has four little lessons,
With Science and STEM.
While a young learner’s expanding their mind,
There’s even a chance to help kids grow more kind. 

If you feel this resource has answered a prayer,
You can feel free to find friends and to share.
And don’t let the holiday spirit stop there;
There’s something else of which you should be aware.
To meet all the needs of our teachers sublimely,
We’ve crafted a series of topics quite timely.

Find lessons on seasons,
And some on the late

Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
And some on
One of my favorites brings me elation
By teaching kids how to find
sound information.
Each of them helps your class combat malaise.
There’s something for all of those class holidays! 

Give them a try and I think you’ll observe
That you’ll find just the sort of support you deserve.
And really, that’s what it should all be about.
We do what we can to help each other out.

*Image courtesy of Juliescribbles vis Wikimedia Commons.

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