Halloween is awesome. Sure, if you’re a kid there’s the prospect of free candy and costumes, but even as an adult I’ve always loved this season. The leaves change into a halo of reds and yellows, the air grows crisp, and jack-o-lanterns suddenly start appearing on every doorstep. There’s a charming, spooky ambiance to the whole affair, and one can’t help but be caught up in the moment. Not to mention that the autumn of 2021 has brought another welcome surprise: hope.

While the United States is still struggling with the presence of COVID-19, the pandemic is showing signs of recession. Schools have cautiously reopened, and the familiar facets of daily life have started to reemerge. With any luck, these difficult two years will soon fade into the past. So, why not take the opportunity to celebrate these good things and give your students a memorable, meaningful Halloween?

Pumpkin-Spiced STEAM

Experimenting with spooky STEAM could be just what your students need to ignite their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that humans viewed chemistry and engineering as strange and wondrous marvels. Take some time and enjoy these scientific activities with your students. Not only will it give them a chance to celebrate the autumn season, but it may help them view their learning in a completely different light!

  • Mad Science: Nothing gets kids invested in learning like crazy experiments. Using only common household items, show your students how to make lightning from a grape! If you’d prefer something more lowkey and sweet, conjure up a treat by teaching students to make their own candy. The possibilities for fun are endless!
  • Mysterious Mathemagic: Math can be magical — but that’s not always how it’s taught! With these jaw-dropping mathemagical tricks, you’ll capture your students’ curiosity and launch a thought-provoking exploration into the wonders of math!
  • Tandem Ghost Stories: Tandem stories are the perfect way to exercise student collaboration and creativity while also strengthening writing and language. Break students into pairs and have them take turns writing a ghost story. Then sit back and watch the craziness unfold!
  • Engin-eerie Activities: Engineers are responsible for many of the wonderful things we have in our world. Teach your students to use the engineering design process in their thinking by immersing them in these fun, freaky engin-eerie activities. Then, reflect on how testing our ideas out can help make all of us smarter!

Timely Topics for Teachers

If you’re interested in exploring more fun, free activities to do with your class, be sure to check out Blue Apple’s Spooktacular STEAM! By creating opportunities to laugh, discover, and engage with the science of the season, teachers can facilitate a learning experience that their students will always remember. Halloween has plenty of scientific tricks and treats to share with your class, so don’t miss this chance to celebrate together.

Looking for more resources to take the burden off your classroom this year? Be sure to check out our free strategies and lessons aBlueappleteacher.com!