Grand Rapids public schools and Van Andel Education Institute partner to implement new methods in science education

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (December 3, 2014) – All Grand Rapids Public Schools sixth-12th grade science teachers will receive professional development under a new partnership between GRPS and Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI).

Beginning Dec. 3, teachers will undergo professional development in VAEI’s “Community of Practice Model for Scientific Inquiry and Instruction.” The initial session will be an immersion experience taking place in December, followed by two workshops in February and April. During the immersion teachers experience the model from the student perspective, while in the workshops they focus on mastering the skills to transform their lessons.

More than 90 teachers will benefit from the training, which is aligned with the Grand Rapids Public Schools Transformation Plan and changes to the state’s standards. Teachers will discuss best practices and transform existing lesson plans into a new instructional delivery model that engages students in scientific practice, enabling them to learn science by doing science.

The model — known as the QPOE2® (Question, Prediction, Observation, Explanation and Evaluation) inquiry model — helps educators teach students to think and act like scientists. It doesn’t change what is being taught, but how it is being taught.

“Teachers who progress through Van Andel Education Institute’s programs implement what they’ve learned into their own curricula, impacting thousands of students,” said Jim Nicolette, Associate Director Science Academy.


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