The world of education is always changing. As a child, I spent my time flipping through card catalogs or practicing my cursive penmanship, a memory that actually makes me laugh. Do today’s students even know what a card catalog is? It just serves to remind us that as teachers, it’s our responsibility to stay one step ahead of human civilization. No pressure!

In all seriousness though, the landscape of teaching has shifted wildly in the last few years. With tools like Google and Alexa constantly feeding students information, teachers are no longer the best resource for dispensing knowledge. Instead, our job is to facilitate comprehensive learning experiences which help our students understand the material. Again, no pressure!

If this sounds a bit daunting, I’ve got good news: Blue Apple projects is here to pick up the slack. What is Blue Apple you ask? Only a collection of outstanding PBL lessons designed to make learning memorable, meaningful, and fun! Wanna know more? Here are 5 things you need to know about Blue Apple projects and how they may impact your life:

1. You’ll actually have time to…wait for it…teach!

Let’s face it. Making project-based learning (PBL) a reality takes time—something teachers have precious little of. Teachers don’t have time to convince experts to visit the class, create lessons that integrate content across the curriculum, scour the web for the best online resources, and find partner classrooms to collaborate with. That’s where Blue Apple comes in. We’ve done the heavy lifting in the planning, so you can do what you do best—teach!

2. Students will want to take selfies with you

Why? Because they’ll be having fun in your classroom. We can’t guarantee any child will stand on their desk and say “O Captain! My Captain!”, but they will be engaged as they learn math, science, social studies, and English language arts (and don’t forget social-emotional skills), all correlated to the standards you need to teach. Engagement equals achievement, so it’s a win-win. You achieve rock-star status as your groupies—I mean students—achieve academic success!

3. Parents will think you’re a magician

With social-emotional learning incorporated into every project, little Johnny (you know that kid whose parents can’t get him to school fast enough and is NEVER absent), may start being a kid his parents want to take credit for! Social-emotional learning helps kids work on things like coping with feelings and setting goals. It also helps kids develop interpersonal skills like working in teams and resolving conflicts, and it can help reduce bullying and behavior problems. Children aren’t born knowing how to manage their emotions and get along with others. We’ve incorporated these skills into the learning. So, when you hear a parent say, “Yes! That’s my kid! How’d you get him to do that?” Simply say, “It’s magic.”

4. The city may erect a statue in your honor

We wanted to create a learning experiences that didn’t just teach content but involved students in making the world a better place. (After all, they’re the ones who are going to take care of us when we’re older, right?) Teachers told us that they wanted to teach lessons that matter. That they believe their kids can change the world for the better. We searched high and low for teachers who were doing just this, and we found some seriously newsworthy educators! We packaged up their brilliance, their plans, and the supports you need to make these projects your own. You, your students, and your community will proudly stand behind the outcomes of every project.

5. Your Facebook page may explode!

Never get stumped by the question, “When will I need this in the real world?” again. Let industry experts answer it for you! We have provided dozens of real-world connections to help bridge the gap between classroom instruction and real-world industries. In addition, we’ve served up options to collaborate with other classrooms doing the same project. You will be making so many new friends and making so many connections, you may actually break the internet!

Because we’re Blue Apple, we want to give you a bonus warning…we like to be overachievers!

6. You may end up with fluffy slippers.

As an added bonus, with the cost of your project, we provide a kit of materials to help bring the instruction to life in your class. Anything we thought might be even a slight hassle to find, we’ve found it, put it in a box, and will ship it to your door. We know teachers can’t resist the school supply aisle at the local Target, Walmart, and dollar store, but maybe you can get those fluffy slippers for you just this one time since we’re helping out a little in the classroom. Buy yourself a little something nice!

Consider yourself informed! Now, go be that Blue Apple teacher…the teacher that stands out!

Curious to learn more about Blue Apple projects? Just follow this link to view the available projects and discover how you can bring curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking to a classroom near you!