Be Curious

  • Curiosity is our super power.
  • We learn at every opportunity.
  • We thrive on the pursuit of discovery.

Work with Urgency

  • We run toward challenges.
  • We love what we do
  • We own what we do.

Take Risks

  • We do things others won’t, in ways they can’t.
  • We dare to think differently.
  • We grow from our mistakes.

Respect Everyone

  • We matter to each other.
  • We assume good intentions.
  • We ask for help and offer help.


  • We share information and credit freely.
  • We seek diverse perspectives
  • We connect through hope for a better future.

Do the Right Thing

  • We choose mission over self-interest.
  • We use our best judgment.
  • We utilize our resources to maximize impact.