Undergraduate Opportunities

VAEI offers opportunities for students at the high school, college, and graduate level to explore and develop careers in biomedical science by working in Van Andel Research Institute labs.

Van Andel Institute is committed to promote the advancement of aspiring scientists. For many undergraduate students, the internships we offer are the students' first opportunity to think and act like scientists. This sets them on a path towards a successful career in the sciences."

- Nick Duesbery, Ph.D. Chair of Undergraduate & Internship Program Committee


The Student Internship Programs enable college students to participate in research projects in VARI laboratories. This at-the-bench experience will help shape the career paths for aspiring researchers and clinicians.

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Guest Students

U.S. and international college students can receive academic credit at their institution for research projects conducted in VARI laboratories.

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Undergraduate Conference

This annual conference attracts more than 300 students and faculty from regional colleges and universities to present and discuss their research projects and to build professional collaborations and networks.

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